The decision to see a therapist is an important one

Tina Gutheridge Wellness

People choose therapy during times of stress, challenges and emotional pain. It may also be when they want to grow as a person and live an authentic life. You may be experiencing a major loss, relationship difficulties, or a self sabotaging behaviour pattern. You might be feeling like something is missing in your life but you can’t quite name it. You may be experiencing the stress of balancing work, family and personal fulfillment. Whatever is blocking you or creating fears and a life of unfulfillment, I want to let you know, change is possible.

In your session you will get to explore safely, with compassion and hope your challenges. You will be free to explore your challenges, look at difficult issues, explore solutions to your problems. You will collect tools to take with you and carry through life so you will be ready to navigate your life journey.


The same counselling techniques are used in walk and talk therapy as in traditional in-office therapy. The difference is that walk and talk therapy sessions are taken outdoors while walking side-by-side with your therapist.


Counselling gives you the safe space to work with your therapist in understanding how you show up in the world, in your families, in relationships, and in your own mind.


I am passionate because I understand what it feels like to change your life and take a leap of faith. Especially when other people are not supportive and you feel like your on your own.