About Me

“I am a professional registered counsellor and life coach. I specialize in individual therapy, life transitions, Self esteem, anxiety/depression and supporting families, siblings effected by autism.”
I offer an alternative option to the traditional “in office” therapy format called Walk & Talk Therapy. For those clients that enjoy the privacy and security that an office has to offer, I also have office space on in Beautiful Kitsilano, Vancouver and another location in Maple Ridge, BC.

I am passionate about helping individuals in all transitions of life, reducing stress and to regain, manage and maintain personal balance.  Achieve a life lived with passion, find your own strength, power and control. Start from your most intimate place, yourself. By improving both your mental, emotional and physical well being using a client centred holistic approach of wellness.

I am passionate about helping clients because I know what its like to go through life and face challenges, fears and decisions that scare you into a life you are not living or feeling, existing day to day with no passion. Feeling shutdown and losing yourself in life, family, career and relationship. Feeling numb and not getting excited about waking up and living your day. Not feeling sexy. Eating to fill the gap. The list goes on. Why do we not make the change? FEAR ! Let’s face the fear together and do it anyway ! I understand, because I also was this person.

Born in the UK. Single mum of 3. I moved to Canada in 2004. I’ve worked through challenges, faced personal struggles and low times. I’ve risked and leapt to create myself a life I’m passionate about. I’ve taken my personal struggles and turned them into my passion to launch me into a life and career where I’m here to help others find and live their passions.

Professionally I support and provide a safe and empathetic space so you can create a life of passion so you don’t just have to dream about this life, you live your dream life with passion!

I will assist you in recognizing your strengths to achieve your goals to live the life you want and be authentically you.