Are you rolling along with life in your career, family, relationships and friends?

Does something feel missing deep down? Perhaps a feeling or sense of something thats not quite right?  A feeling you can’t explain or understand? After a few attempts to change your external situation, do you repeat the same patterns?

You wish to change but you seem to be stuck in a pattern and find yourself back to square one. Changing jobs, failed/unhappy relationships, addictions (sex, alcohol ,shopping, drugs, porn etc) low self-esteem, depression, or anxiety on your list?Weight gain/loss, you just cant find your pizzaz in the world? You are just not feeling engaged or part of life but feel like it is just rolling along?

Do you feel like you put on a different mask every day to get through your day to day life? Would you like to take off all the masks and truly know who you are, what you want and how to get it?

Be authentically you and live your authentic life!

You can change and break some beliefs, patterns and fears to have the life you want. Have a fulfilling life that’s wholesome and healthy and happy !

Together through counselling we will look at you blocks in life and see where the blocks, fears and patterns show up and where it is you want to change. Counselling allows you to look back in time. To look at your past to see where the blocks, fear, patterns may have started.

Through this process, together we will unravel the challenges. The process can be an emotional process, and I will professionally support, encourage and direct you through the challenges you choose to go through.

I am direct yet empathetic and passionate in what I do. I also want to see you live the life you want.

Sometimes this does not feel pleasant but the reward of pushing through is rewarding, satisfying and life-transforming. It is necessary for you to break through your fears, blocks and patterns to lead a life you have desired for many years. Starting today.

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