December can be a challenging month in many different ways. Families, children, work, shopping, dinners out, parties and that’s not even Christmas Day! Then there is battling through the family and all the stresses! We all pretend to ourselves and others around us we can do it, we are ok! The truth be known it can be totally overwhelming and exhausting. Our own personal health and routine can go out the window before we’ve even reached the BIG day. We can be left feeling exhausted and too tired to enjoy it!

Sound familiar?

What if I said  you can get through December and still feel good!  Sound good? Keep reading.

1. Make a list. Write down everyone  & everything you need to buy for. Once you write things down, start ticking them off one by one as you get through them and see the list get shorter.

2. Have a budget. Give yourself a realistic budget, not what you think you should spend, one you can afford. Stick to it.

3. Schedule time for yourself. Stick to it. Go through your planner daily and weekly in advance. Book time for yourself and treat it like an appointment.

4. Make a list of things that help you relax and unwind. A bubble bath, walk in nature, candles or reading book wrapped up in a cosy blanket. Book a facial, massage, things YOU love and enjoy. Schedule them in to your planner with the appointment for yourself.

5. Exercise.  Maintaining your exercise will help keep you motivated and less stressed. Think about moving the days and times to accommodate you and the level you are at , but keep on going, it will help you keeping on! Yoga, walking, express 30m classes instead of 1 hour. Reduce your activity from 5 days to 3, less intensity – invite a friend to join you. Have fun.

6. Online shopping. Beat the line ups in the stores. Set yourself up for a cozy day/night with your favourite warm tea, laptop and do the holiday shopping from your own home, from gifts to groceries!

7. Setting boundaries. Saying yes to all the parties is fun, but it can be very tiring over the month of December. Set a time to go and leave. Try booking a taxi cab before you go out, enabling you to get home at a decent time and manage your sleep. This will help create balance during December.

8. Get your sleep.  Make sure you get your 7-9 hours sleep, this is so important to help you get through this busy time, giving your body a chance to rest and recuperate.

9. Eat healthy.  Eat meals and don’t skip. To ensure you getting a balanced healthy diet through the month, try making bigger batches of your yummy healthy meals and freeze them for those busy days to come.

10. Supplements. Sometimes we need a little extra help when we push our bodies a little harder in the winter months and use up our reserves due to the stress we put our bodies through. Get a good quality supplement, recommended by your nutritionist, I can recommend Dr Cobi Slater, of Essential Health Natural Wellness Clinic in Maple Ridge.

Remember to have fun in December and let go of the stress! 

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