The Art of Breathing

We all do it everyday. We don’t think about it, we just do it. What if we took the time to think about our breathing? Not the everyday kind, but the slow, deep through your nose and fill your belly up breathing, then let it go slowly out of your mouth type of breathing. Try it be aware of how your body feels once you’ve repeated it a couple of times. It feels good right!

There are many benefits to our wellbeing for deep controlled mindful breathing.

In times of stress and or pain, deep breathing helps us by sending messages to the parasympathetic system and in return the brain releases endorphins that help to calm and relax us mentally, emotionally and physically.

Other benefits of deep, clam mindful breathing are;

Detoxing the body

Weight loss

Mental clarity


Finding ways to incorporate breath work into our every day is important.

Who knew that something so simple could make such a difference to our wellbeing and if practised daily you can quickly notice the benefits.

Try it at the traffic lights next time your sitting waiting in your car for the signals to turn green and your running late. Make a quick call on a handsfree device to make your apologies then BREATH!

Try it out today or book a Walk and Talk and we can do this together! 

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