What is a Life Coach? 

I meet many people in the community at various events and networks and one question I get asked over and over again is “What is a Life Coach and who and why would somebody need one?

What a great question!

Hopefully I can spread a little light on that question and answer it in a direct and to the point brief description.

Just about everyone has a vision of his or her ideal life. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of being successful! An executive, musician, writer or the best version of yourself as a parent or partner. Whatever it is, there are steps to get there and not knowing how is sometimes what stops us achieving that individual goal. It’s not about you not being capable.

You just haven’t made it a reality yet, maybe life is getting in the way, not knowing the steps to get there, judgements, beliefs and values are just a few things that stop us following those goals, dreams or visions!

Life Coaching is about taking a persons individual strengths helping that person see their own strength, empowerment and growing it into something bigger and stronger to reach their goal. Putting less attention into what isn’t working by focusing on the negative, by changing the focus to the positive in that person and make the positive become louder, bigger, brighter in a way to bridge the steps together and follow the path to the goal, vision or dream.

A professional Life Coach provides the drive, accountability and guidance for their clients that they need to improve their careers, relationships and lives from just living it to loving their life with passion.

A Life Coach looks at 4 main areas to help move their client:

*Recognize each persons individual skills.

*Focused attention on each persons dreams.

*Focus on their life’s goals.

*Move past challenges, blocks and stressors that stand in the way of those goals.

thoughts feelings

Whilst on the journey of working on the goal(s) the Life Coach is ensuring that the client is taking care of  their mind, body and soul, keeping positive, focused and intention which is very important as our mind is very powerful and has very clever ways to try trick us and to take us off track in the form of excuses, self sabotage, poor me, too busy, money etc, these are just a few to mention. It is important to keep focused and positive.

Thoughts – Feelings –  Action

Have you thought about working with a Life Coach? Connect here to book a Discovery Session and learn more.

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