Individual Therapy

Achieve the safe space to work with your therapist in understanding how you show up in the world, in your families, in relationships, and in your own mind.

As your therapist I use therapeutic techniques to help individuals understand themselves, their problems, their feelings, and their relationships in a way that improves their lives. If change is needed, your therapist will guide you through the process by providing support, motivation, and accountability.

Together, with me as your guide, we will explore all areas of your life to assess and address the areas that are causing you internal conflict and emotional distress.

Issues that individual therapy can address:

– Anxiety Disorder
– Mild & Moderate Depression
– Stress Management
– Relationship Problems
– Grief and Loss
– Eating Disorders
– Food Issues and Body Image Concerns
– Career Planning and Development
– Self-esteem Development
– Challenges of Parenthood
– Transitions/Life Stage Adjustment
– Work-life Balance
– New/Expectant Moms

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