Walk and Talk

The same counselling techniques are used in walk and talk therapy as in traditional in-office therapy. The difference is that walk and talk therapy sessions are taken outdoors while walking side-by-side with your therapist.

Office space is not for everyone. With walk and talk therapy you are able to speak freely without feeling confined in the space of an office. With the movement of walking, emotions and conversation can move freely through the mind and body.

Benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy

A number of studies have proven a positive link between exercise and mental health. Walk and Talk therapy reinforces mental health in a natural, holistic approach that releases endorphins.

Walk and Talk Therapy combines the walking with therapy and can help to:

– Reduce tension and anxiety
– Improve mood
– Increase energy
– Cope with stress
– Improve sleep
– Increase feelings of well-being
– Improve self-image

I am passionate in working with you to create the life you want. I will work with you to reach your goals. I will be direct and compassionate what I ask from you is to be accountable for your own success so you can live the life you’ve dreamed about.

I am passionate because I understand what it feels like to change your life and take a leap of faith. Especially when other people are not supportive and you feel like you’re on your own. Believe me it is worth it to dig deep, to take the leap of faith and believe in yourself.

I understand because I have also done the leap and followed my dreams. Scary as it may be, the reward is fruitful and fulfilling. You will discover (perhaps for the first time) that feeling of control, direction and empowerment.

With Walk and Talk Therapy the main attention is on the therapy, and the walking is a secondary benefit. (You should not expect a workout or any sort of personal training! We can save that for the personal trainers.)

If you have any questions regarding the walk and talk therapy please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions.

Confidentiality is still key in walk and talk sessions and don’t change because sessions take place outside in a public environment. I cannot guarantee complete confidentiality. If you see anyone you know during the session, in advance you can let me know how you want to handle it.
Your confidentiality is very importance to me. I will respect however you choose to proceed. Should I be approached, I will not introduce you to other person and will swiftly continue on to your session. If at any point you would like to stop and rest during your walk we may do so. The pace will be determined by you, and you can choose to speed up or slow down depending on your level of comfort or to increase privacy.

Why walk and talk works:

Increasing research on the Mind-Body connection has shown a vital interdependence between the two, which is why I place a high level of importance of focusing on both the mind as well as the body. Walk and Talk therapy incorporates aspects of both physical activity and emotional discovery to facilitate a higher level of healing and fulfillment. This new and unique modality is meant to create a sense of confidence and strength as well as highlighting the unity of the Body and Mind.

Benefits of Physical Activity

– Reduces risk of weight gain
– Reduces risk of developing heart disease, obesity, diabetes
– Hypertension
– Lowers levels of anxiety and depression
– Reduces risk of depression
– Promotes health and well-being
– Fosters recovery from mental fatigue
– Increases positive outlook
– Enhances ability to cope and recover from stress and illness
– Restores concentration
– Increases confidence, feelings of tranquility, self-discovery, sense of well-being happiness
– Increases sense of presence
– Decreases states of aggression and anxiety
– Increases cognitive capacity
– Enhances ability to reflect on life’s problems

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